New Equity Share Program – Painless Profits in a Bad Real Estate Market! Part 1

New Equity Share Program - Painless Profits in a Bad Real Estate Market! Part 1If you have never owned 1-2 family rental houses, you don’t know what you are missing:

1- Negative cash flow-In most areas of the country, rents do not cover all of the property’s expenses.

2- The cost and hassle of maintenance and repairs. There is always something that needs fixing or replacing.

3- Tenant problems-Late rent payments, complaints and turn over are common.

If you have owned or currently own this type of property, you know I have understated the horror of it all, especially if you are an absentee owner!

Now, using a unique investment strategy, you can invest in rental property with extraordinary profit and no tenant, toilet or trash problems.

This strategy allows you to enjoy the fruits of rental property ownership without the thorns, even if the property is located in another state.

You will be able to snap up the “builder closeouts”, pre-foreclosures and bank repos that are just starting to spring up around the country as the real estate market goes into reverse.

If you have good credit, you may even be able to buy your investment with no money down. If not, you should be able to buy with as little as 10% down.

Using our strategy, you will receive 15%-18% annually on your invested cash, if any; a guaranteed immediate profit, annual equity buildup, potential appreciation and depreciation!

Imagine this scenario:

You buy a rental property for no money down.

You immediately sell the property for a 20% profit!

You start collecting profitable passive mortgage payments each month!

The new owner pays all of the bills, does the maintenance and makes all repairs!

You collect your passive income with no hassles for years. When the property is sold or refinanced, you first receive the balance of your profit AND 33% of the equity buildup that occurred over the term, resulting from the mortgage pay down.

You also receive 33% of any appreciation that has taken place over the period above your initial selling price.

These are the benefits of the New Equity Share Program!

Sound idyllic? Sound unrealistic? It probably does to you. I hear the questions:

O Why would the co-owner agree to do all of that?

O What if they didn’t pay as they agreed to?

O What if they didn’t make the repairs?

O What if we have a disagreement on how to run the property or when to sell?

O What if they run into financial difficulties and liens and judgments are placed on the property, won’t I be responsible too?

O What if they had marital problems and had to sell the property?

O What if they died and the property got tied up in their estate?

Those were the kinds of problems that destroyed the old equity share programs of the 1980’s. The New Equity Share Program eliminates all of them.

The difference? The title to the property is transferred to a land trust.

The land trust has rules and enforcement abilities which eliminate all of the problems recounted above.

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