Spotlight on Luxury – The Homes of Malibu

Spotlight on Luxury - The Homes of MalibuSituated along 21 miles of stunning coastline in northern Los Angeles, Malibu remains one of the most mysterious – and desirable – places to live in the U. S. The real estate of Malibu epitomizes luxury California living. Surrounded by natural beauty and yet still a close drive from the city of Los Angeles, the residents of Malibu enjoy living in the cultural and recreational epicenter of the west coast.

Malibu History

The word Malibu is derived from a Chumash word meaning “the surf sounds loudly”. By the 1500s, Spanish settlers had fallen in love with the majestic beauty of Malibu’s beaches, and came there often during their missionary journeys across California. In 1891, Frederick Hastings Rindge came into possession of 13,000 Malibu acres, which he and his wife guarded zealously. Their need for privacy helped maintain the city’s natural state while much of the rest of the state was in a frenzy of development and building. In 1929, the famed Pacific Coast Highway was built, and Malibu officially became the hallmark of glamorous California living.

Malibu Colony

Along Malibu Road, west of PCH, you will find Malibu Colony – one of the first beach front communities in the city to be inhabited. When the Rindge family finally sold some of their massive ranch in the late 1920’s, Hollywood movie stars were among the first buyers. Today, many celebrities still call the Colony home, as it is an exclusive, gated community of multi-million dollar mansions. The views from Malibu Colony are some of the most breathtaking in California, encompassing endless stretches of Pacific Coastline, along with the Malibu Bluffs. The homes of Malibu Colony remain some of the most sought after real estate in Malibu.

The Malibu Pier

At the heart of the California surf scene you will find the Malibu Pier, and adjacent Surfrider beach. The pier itself has recently undergone a renovation, bringing back a nostalgic look to its restaurants and quaint shops. Planned expansions also include a Surfrider museum and a Shake Stand. The Malibu Pier is also the perfect starting spot for many of the coastal city’s scenic cruising tours, as well as world class deep sea fishing. But perhaps one of the pier’s biggest draws is the beach itself. Warm white sand stretches to either side of the historic pier, while surfers from all over the world come to ride Surfrider’s 3 point break, offering rides of 300 yards or more.

The Homes of Malibu

In a city known for beauty, the homes of Malibu often rival their setting in aesthetic quality. Whether overlooking the Pacific or nestled into the Santa Monica Mountainsides, Malibu real estate is everything that makes the city shine: luxurious, spacious, and well appointed. From Moorish tiled homes with a Spanish feel to modern tributes to glass and sculpture, all Malibu houses are custom designed. And with 21 miles of coastline, many pieces of Malibu real estate are just steps away from secluded beaches or dramatic cliffs.

From historic PCH to tiny, locals – only restaurants, Malibu is a city of beauty, adventure and luxury. When you’re ready to invest in your own private Malibu retreat, seek the services of a qualified realtor.

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