How Newcastle is a Developing City

How Newcastle is a Developing CityNewcastle offers many things to the visitor of the North as well as the people who reside there. The city is currently under going a great transformation to make life easier for the commuter and a more pleasant experience for those who live there. Along with support from Comic Relief the city council has begun developing the area and injecting the money back into the city. This month has seen two key elements to the future of the city happen and this article will highlight why Newcastle is becoming a leading city in the UK.

After two years in the making the newly completed single-carriageway is set to open. The stretch of road is almost 2 miles in length and was implemented to reduce noise, pollution and improve safety. Graham Dakin who spoke on behalf of the Highways Agency said: “It has been a complicated job.” He then went on to explain that: “We looked at a dual carriageway but it wasn’t justified economically”. Eileen Charlton, chairwoman of the Haydon Bridge Village Bypass campaign acknowledged that the “new road would transform the area.” People hope that the introduction of the new bypass will make the village a lot cleaner, quieter and safer place to be.

Another great aid to the community was given in the form of Comic Relief, which has provided finical help to an organization called Acane situated in Byker that that was set up to bring the community together. Aimed at allowing people to integrate into the community regardless of your racial background or religious beliefs the centre has already helped plenty of people find their feet in the area. Situated in Raby Cross, the centre is a great starting point for people looking to make connections that will enable them to build a social life and future in the community. Acane was given f100,000 over three years by Comic Relief to support its work and Gaby says the funding was essential. The development of the area and benefit to the people was noted by Konomo Fogbia who explained “Life in Newcastle wasn’t really so good then (before the centre). People did not know about asylum or refugees, like when you walked on the streets sometimes people shouted at you.” The area has now become a more welcoming environment to people and the centre has played a large part in that.

These two elements alone will have helped bring the community closer together and make the city a safer place. If you are looking to become part of the community and are looking to rent property in Newcastle it will be well worth your while looking for agents that specialize in Property Letting in Newcastle.

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