Home Inspections in Manhattan

Home Inspections in ManhattanManhattan’s Lower East Side, where tenements that once sheltered struggling immigrants are now occupied by high-priced lawyers and the median home price is more than $650,000. Many of the homes located in this area are older structures and are also priced on the high side. This is even more of a reason to get a pre purchase home inspection. When doing so and attempting to locate a Manhattan inspector, hire an outside independent company because if you hire a company that is affiliated with a real estate agency you may not get an honest and thorough inspection. If you hire an independent inspector, it does give you the advantage. Inspections on a smaller structure last about two hours and the reports are typically delivered within 48 hours at which time they are typed and very easy to understand. Most inspections run from the foundation to the roof.

Having a home inspected that you are interested in purchasing is like taking a car that you might be thinking about buying to an auto mechanic. There is a chance that a house will have defects that the buyer may not notice on their own. A home inspector will evaluate the major components of the house and help you get to know the house first-hand before you decide to purchase it and enter into what is often a lifelong commitment. A home inspector can help you determine if the Manhattan house has any material defects or safety issues of which you as the buyer need to be aware. Do not be alarmed if your house has some defects or issues. No matter how well the house has been maintained, no house is perfect.

Often there are many defects and safety issues found during inspections. Mainly the biggest problems seem to lie within the electrical systems. While there are many home maintenance tasks the average homeowner can handle safely, electrical work is not one of them. This is just one of many instances where a trained and experienced home inspector is needed to help determine whether or not a defect exists or if you and your family will possibly be at risk. Your home inspector will also inspect the structure of the house, the roof, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and other readily accessible areas of the house. A home inspector performs all these services for one fee. It is money well spent. Especially if the inspector discovers a serious safety issue like a defective furnace or a material defect that will be costly to replace like a worn out roof. The benefits of a home inspection are undeniable. Not only will a home inspection educate you as the buyer on the condition of a house, it will identify visible defects that adversely affect the value of the house or put you and your family at physical risk. Having a home inspection done before the purchase of a house is one of the best small investments you can make in the single largest financial purchase of your life. Never doubt that this is not money that is very well spent.

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