Holiday Home Buyers

Holiday Home BuyersWe all know that the most popular to time for buyers to look for a home is in the Spring and Summer. Children are out of school, it’s warm outside, and there just aren’t a bunch of commitments to work around. However, when buyers choose to look for a home during the holidays, it might mean they are serious buyers and they don’t want to waste any time. You can compare these home buyers to holiday shoppers on a mission to get those perfect gifts for family and friends in a timely manner.

If you have your home listed during the holidays, you need to keep in mind that your home is on the market-which means it is now a commodity. It must appeal to any buyer that walks through the door. Nashville, TN is a desirable city to live in. Whether a buyer is already a resident of Nashville or if they are new to Music City, you never know when they might be looking at homes for sale in Nashville with the intentions to buy quickly. Your home might just be the one!

Keep your holiday decorations simple. You do not want to overwhelm buyers. Remember it is about showing the house, not your decorations.

Keep your home clean and tidy. Anytime a home is on the market for sale, it should be kept as clean as possible. You can get a call for a showing at anytime and sometimes it can be last minute. By keeping your home clean and tidy all the time, you can be ready for that otherwise inconvenient phone call.

Be flexible. Sometimes it is not easy to schedule showings that work for seller and buyer, but if you are flexible and easy to work with, it just may pay off.

Warm it up. “Baby, it’s cold outside!” Immediately upon walking in the door, a buyer should feel warm and cozy. The emotions they feel will determine whether your home will be a consideration or not. Leave a few candles burning or through some logs on the fire.

Bake cookies and leave apple cider simmering on the stove. The smell of hot apple cider and baked goods scream “feels like home”.

Although some might tell you it’s best to wait until after the holidays to put your home on the market, you might just be able to get a head start on the competition.

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