FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation and What it Has Done For Me!

FIABCI - The International Real Estate Federation and What it Has Done For Me!My business has changed when I joined FIABCI, The Internatioial Real Estate Federation. Through our individual and association members in 65 countries, FIABCI membership gives you access to contacts around the world. FIABCI-USA (the US Chapter) is the only international real estate organization representing the entire spectrum of the real estate industry in the US and I was proud to be the President of FIABCI-USA in 2007-2008, one of my most exciting years being a leader of such incredible organization.

Mission of FIABCI is to open the international community to our members on a local, national, and international level, so that they may develop a broad base of contacts that will translate into increased business opportunities and ultimately financial success.

People connecting people to create one global marketplace. The most valuable resource of FIABCI is our members. I have traveled to 40 different countries and met members from all over the world. I’ve joined FIABCI in 1987 and I am so proud to be a member today.

65 countries, millions of contacts, all at your fingertips!

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, is local, national, and international. Established over 60 years ago in Europe, headquartered in Paris, France, the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) is the only truly international organization of its kind in the world. Comprised of professionals in all areas of the industry, FIABCI’s long-standing and highly respected presence in the international community gives our members instant accessibility, credibility, and dependability.

The most important component of any successful organization is the people who belong.

FIABCI brings you into the fold of a family of people, all embracing cultural diversity, united in one common goal: to erase the borders and provide the world with a team of experts ready to meet their property needs. Whether your company is big or small, FIABCI membership extends your reach.

In today’s competitive and global real estate market, it’s not only what you know, but who you know. FIABCI membership links you to leading professionals around the world, without ever leaving home.

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