Fast Track Real Estate

Fast Track Real EstateYes there is a lot of inventory out there. But there are also qualified buyers who are ready to buy. Here are some of the key elements to place your house on the Fast Track and get it sold.


Buyer’s want a home that it is good shape. This can be accomplished by some minor improvements that will not break the bank. Declutter: less is more. Keep the space within your home simple. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint on interior walls; shampooing the rugs can make all the difference. Curb appeal: is the lawn cut? Plant some colorful plants and flowers. Or if you have the time, a fresh coat of paint on your shingles. Sometimes power washing the vinyl siding is all your need to give it that fresh look.


Pricing the house right is the most important element in the sale of your home. Ask your real estate agent/broker to do a comparative market analysis before you put your house on the market. Ask him/her to show you listings in your area that are either Under Contract/NEW or Sold within the last six months. Listen – they are the experts. Try not to have a preconceived number in your head of what you want to walk away with. If you need a certain amount from the proceeds of your sale – maybe now is not the right time for you to sell.


Have your property available for Showings and Open Houses. Leave when you are having an Open House. The more people that see your home – the better chance of finding your Buyer. Work with your real estate partner to make your house available when they have a prospective buyer.


The average time it takes to sell your home in this market is about six months or longer. Be upbeat – think positive! Have the right attitude and use the tools available as a Seller and you will find a Buyer for your home.

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