Country Life Or City Life?

Country Life Or City Life?What kind of lifestyle do you prefer? Do you ever wish that you are in the great outdoors or do you like the atmosphere of a busy social life? Have you ever been tempted to go to the country to live or temped to go to the city to live? Which one do you prefer? Choosing a country or city life is a very hard choice. It takes careful decision which is also a life changing decision. So to help decide which is better, here are some several reasons why which one is more preferable.

Social life

If you are the type of person who loves to meet many different people from different cultures and social status, then the city life is better for you. The city is where people from all different background and status come to work and live because everything is so centralised in the city. The city’s population is also more concentrated, so you also have a higher chance of meeting people. In the country, the distance between other people is harder, so it is less convenient to meet other people. Hence, if you want a busy social life, the city is better.

Healthy environment

If you have asthma or you are really sensitive to pollution, then the country lifestyle is best for you. In the country there is much less pollution because there are less cars, traffic and industrial plants/factories in the country. There are also more trees, rivers and other natural scenery. If you want your kids to run around in open and safe environments, then the country is also much better.

Living costs

If you live in the city, you have to pay a lot more than the country. In the city, you have to either travel by car or public transport. This cost money every time you travel. Also, food and living expenses tend to be more dearer. For instance, houses, food and drink are generally more expensive in the city. Plus there is more un-expected costs in the city such as parking costs, strata fees, council fees etc.


The city is a place where there is much more work compared to the country. In the country, there is a limit what kind of work you can do. For instance, in the country, work is mostly farm or labour work. Where else in the city, you have many choices to choose from because work distances are more close convenient to go to and plentiful because of the larger population.

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