Commercial Real Estate Agents – Key Habits for Success in Sales and Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Agents - Key Habits for Success in Sales and LeasingIt is easy to do a job, but a career in Commercial Real Estate requires more than that if you want to be really successful in selling or leasing. Far too many agents treat the industry as a job. Here is what happens then:

They only take calls on Mondays to Fridays They are slow to return calls to people calling off adverts and the internet They fail to qualify tenants and buyers They take orders rather than promote property and drive the marketing process They put signs on properties and then hope for the enquiry to come in

A complete rethink is required if you as the commercial salesperson want to get more listings and commissions from the industry. Wasting time is not a good idea; the selling year is all too short.

If you do not already know this, it can be extremely expensive to work in the industry. If you do not convert listings and sales soon, the costs can overrun your cash flow.

To beat this upward cycle of cost you have to control what you do and what you think. In only that way can you really get results.

The best habits for a new salesperson to the industry would include some of these things:

Make prospecting the number one thing that you do every day regardless of everything that anyone else needs done (including your boss). You should prospect for between 2 and 3 hours per day. Keep track of the signboards on all properties in your area, and that includes details of prices and time on market for each listing. Watch all the internet websites for all other competition agents so you can see when they put a new property on the market. Understand that prices achieved are not always the asking or advertised prices; check out the actual sales and lease results. Talk to business owners and property investors every day. They are the ones that need to buy, sell, or rent, commercial and retail property.

To build your market share and commission results in this industry you really do need to know that you are the source of the opportunity. It is what you do every day that will help you build a better career and eventually your income.

Property investors and business leaders do not want to be an experiment in listing and marketing of property. They have to know that you are really the best person to handle their property and get the results that they want. In this tougher property market, that is a real point of difference; not all agents can do a great job because they really do not have the ideas and skills to reach the target market.

The marketing of commercial and retail property today takes real effort and great agents.

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