Buying Real Estate in Costa Maya

Buying Real Estate in Costa MayaFinancing

If you’re not paying in cash for your little piece of Costa Maya paradise, you’ll need a way to finance it. In the past, paying cash for property in Mexico was the only option for foreign investors. Banks in Mexico don’t offer real estate loans as freely as they do in the United States, even to residents. But today there are mortgage companies within the US that will offer real estate loans to qualified borrowers.

Legalities of Ownership

The Mexican government enacted a law many years ago stating that non-Mexican nationals could not become the sole owners of property within 50km of the Mexican Coastline, also known as the “restricted zone.” The purpose of the law was to prevent foreign invasion on Mexican soil. Recently however, the government has developed a foreign-friendly alternative for ownership of Mexican land within the restricted zone.


The old saying about taxes being one of the two only certainties in life is still the case, even in a tropical dream bungalow on the Caribbean Sea. Property ownership in Mexico means new types of taxes. It’s important to ask your property agent to spell out the different types of taxes before signing the deed to the property. Even with the additional taxes, property ownership in Mexico is still far less costly than coastal living in the United States. For many, the intrinsic value of a soothing tranquil life is far greater than the price of any tax.


When purchasing any property, ensuring full legal rights to the property is essential. Like in the US, title insurance in Mexico isn’t mandatory, but is highly recommended to ensure that the purchaser is the true and valid owner of the property in question. If for any reason another person or entity is found to be the rightful owner of the land, the property owner is guaranteed not to lose the money invested. Real estate is the largest investment purchase most people make in their lives and ensuring that it is adequately protected against damage is essential.

Choosing an Agent

Especially when planning a real estate purchase outside of the country, it’s important to work with a reputable and knowledgeable agent that understands the laws of the country. In the beginning phases of research, look for a company that has an established internet presence and a published phone number. A quality agency should offer to guarantee that the property is in fact buildable and meets all government standards and regulations. Also, you should be entitled to a full refund of any deposit money if you decide not to purchase the property for any reason.

Enjoying your Beachside Lifestyle

By doing your research up front and choosing a reputable bank, tax specialist, insurance agent, and real estate agent, you can relax and enjoy your beachfront paradise worry free. Once you’re aware of the various requirements and costs, set up a direct deposit from your account and let your representatives handle the details while you enjoy the tranquility of the Costa Maya Caribbean lifestyle.

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